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tori_x's Journal

Victoria Glen
31 October 1982
Youngest child of Arthur and Anne, born on Halloween night under the full moon. No fur or fangs detectable but when provoked could bite.

Lover of Haribo, Tulips, Old Hollywood, Japanese Food, Musical Theatre, Malibu, Fancy Dress, Geisha's, Photography, Dance, Jason Lee and many more lovely things.

Hater of Chocolate, Creepy Crawlies, Buttons, Jumping Dogs, Eggs, Narrow Mindedness, Everybody Loves Ramond and many other horrible things.

Works for a high end Loan Shark and lives in a rented flat. Eternally single due to possible ice queen status. Best friend of gorgeous stand up comedian who often gets mistaken for her sister. Owner of 13 year old cat Misty. Recipient of new lungs and happy to be alive!!!