February 5th, 2011

Lion and tigers and bears

Life day to day!!

Life is pretty consistent but nice at the moment.

It has been around a month since I was last at Transplant clinic and it's the first time that I've not had any problems in between, last time it was the bloating and slightly difference in my kidney blood results but they seem to have sorted themselves out now. It feels nice not to have had anything else major happen. The only thing that's been bothering me is the large increase in hair that's falling out!! Not loving that at all. It got so bad that I had to get a good chunk cut off to make it look healthier, this I believe is a common occurrance (well it is with us glasgow lot) It'll grow back but might take a while. Just another possible thing that might happen around 8 months after transplant. I also decided that I hate the colour of my hair now!! Well I personally like it but I just feel like everyone has it dark red now and it just doesn't feel as special as it did when I had it like this a couple years ago, so in a couple months I'm going to get it back to the ginger colour I had before, I miss that!! I'm not sure if I mentioned that the doctors have decided I'm anemic and put me on Iron Tablets, they're horrible they hurt my stomach and make me bleed a little - not nice at all. I may have to ask to change to a different one!!

Photography class is going well as is dance class. I have realised that I can do the dances on the night but when it comes to remembering it I'm useless!!

A couple things are coming up with Live Life Then Give Life which I will fill you in on soon.

I will leave you with something that happened to Gregg and I today. We were in the food court in the St Enoch Centre because Gregg was hungry and we're both broke. We went up to a sandwhich place and stood at the counter looking at what they had to offer. One lady came up and said 'what can I get you' Gregg said we're just deciding and then two seconds later another said 'can I get you a drink' to which Gregg replied not yet. I told him I wasn't really hungry and he didn't want anything from it so we just walked away. I was pointing out the oreo slushy things they have in KFC when I turned to Gregg and this (I am fully aware I may sound really stuck up when I say this but you had to see her) tubby, blonde monster featured, common lady with really bad teeth was saying to Gregg 'that lady was being really nice to you and you just walked away' I had no clue what she was talking about but I assume now that she meant the women behind the sandwhich shop counter. Firsty we weren't rude to the people infact we commented on how we thought they were rude because they didn't give us a chance to see what we wanted to order. Secondly why would someone not even involved in the conversation feel the need to come chasing after us to 'tell us off', people really are strange or else she just wanted a arguement or fight which we were not willing to give her. We pretty much just looked at her horrendous teeth and walked away, probably pissed her off more than anything!! Frankensteins monster really shouldn't be allowed out in public ;)

V xx