Victoria Glen (tori_x) wrote,
Victoria Glen

Heaven gains another angel :(

Sometimes I wonder how the world works and if infact there is a god out there or anyone at all!! Life is so incredibly cruel sometimes that I feel like any little bit of belief I ever had has been shaken out of me!!

Another CF warrior lost her battle - Lauren 19 years old

When I loose someone from the CF or transplant world that has impacted me I feel like I loose a little bit of heart. Lauren was one such girl who made an impact on me, she made me feel important and that through being strong for myself, I was being strong for her! She often told me I was an inspiration of hers, to be honest I think she was one of the first to say that and I'll love her forever for that. She was a lovely girl with a big heart and deserves to still be here living the life she dreamed of!!

I hadn't heard from her in a while and let myself get wrapped up in my own silly life, I wasn't there for her like I should have been. I hope she knows that I always thought of her and wondered how she was. She was an inspiration to me and will be missed massively by all who knew and loved her.

Here is a section of a blog she posted when I got my transplant -
'I must just mention the event that our little blogging world has been squealing over - Tori finally got her lung transplant! And yes I know it's late, and everyone else has already said it, my only excuse is the unbelievably unreliable internet connection in the hospital. I am just so so happy for her, and can not believe what amazing progress she is making already. I think she was off the ventilator after just two days, and out of the intensive care unit by day 4? Even if that isnt exactly right, it was very fast. Proud of you Victoria lovely :) Just keep on getting better so you can start making the most of those shiny new puffers!
Also just a thought for the donor and their family, and a thankyou to them for saving our friend's life.'

I know she'll be up there watching us all smiling because she's free now, free as a bird or an owl (she loved owls). Keep safe and warm Lauren xx
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