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I started this journal way back just for me really, I kept all my posts friend locked and gave no one the link. Then when I decided I wanted to go for transplant I thought it would be the best place for my family and friends to read any news about going on the list or getting the actual operation. I still locked away my more intimate posts not wanting to burden people with the massive struggle to stay alive that I was living. At some point I decided to let the world in and opened myself up - sharing how I was feeling, I didn't post much on the subjects that got to me as I was trying my hardest to stay focussed on the positive things. I had another blog where I posted the darkest thoughts I had and lowest times (although I was open I still didn't want to burden my family with how I was feeling). I decided that from reading other blogs that I wanted to give a full and accurate account of transplant, giving out all the details including things that I wouldn't really want my father to read. I gave the link out on facebook and told people to spread the word as I wanted to raise awareness about Organ Donation. I got a great response from people and in under a year I've had 18,482 views (probably not a lot in the grand scheme of things) I felt like I was doing good and people where getting the message.

Now I feel like my journal is a bit useless and to be honest I'm not sure if that many people read it anymore. Others seem to be doing things bigger and better and what I'm doing is just fizzling out!!! I've got a new URL and am currently transferring over old post to my new layout but is there really a point? Should I just let it die out? Am I relevant anymore? Are people still out there?

V xx

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