Victoria Glen (tori_x) wrote,
Victoria Glen

Other Poems I Wrote Before Transplant

The Forgotten-

Isolated and alone
in a stuffy small room.
The forgotten sit waiting
with that feeling of doom.

No friends come visiting
or text to say hi.
The forgotten sit crying
wondering why.

Friends used to come knocking
with goodies galore.
But the forgotten got sicker
and they don't call anymore.

What's left are the special ones
the true and the good.
The forgottens support system
taking them whatever the mood.

We can't help but wonder
what would have been.
If the forgotten hadn't got weaker
would they have been more keen.

So alone in a room
the forgotten lie.
Whiling away the hours
until they die

The War-

Together we march into battle
we're ready for the fight.
Born into a world of evil
our spirits keep us tight.

The enemy is unseen to us
slowly breaking us down
Invading all our bodies
slowly running us into the ground.

Sometimes evil wins a battle
and we loose one of our own
Gone but not forgotten
their legacy lives on.

Us champions will win the war
we'll send it home to roast.
It can choke on it's own vomit
and live life without a host.

This may not set us free today
but it will for those who come next.
This war is for the chosen ones
to let them have a rest (?)

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